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This is a letter from a group of college students from Omsk, Siberia. We have formed this team in pursuit of one common goal charitable fundraising to help Maria Komeliagina, a very sick girl who needs urgent medical attention. Both her parents are handicapped and hardly able to be of any financial assistance.

The Bible says, Give To Those Asking. Instead, many prefer to deprive those who ask of their last bits. The Bible also says that even dogs sometimes get leftovers from their masters table. Now, we are asking you: is this sick girl inferior to dogs? Does she deserve to die an excruciating death because of her illness? We have been trying to raise funds for this desolate family for 3 years, and often encountered manifestations of the worlds cruelty, human cold-heartedness and indifference toward someone elses distress. However, weve also met good and charitable people who sent their sympathetic replies to our letters. Those people sent Maria their love in words, food, vitamins, some clothes, and toys. Some of them sent money, too.

If you are able to provide Maria and her parents ANY assistance at all, please do not hesitate to do so. Anything will do, even if you just advise us of an organization that really helps unfortunate people like this poor family. The amount that this family needs is huge, it totals to $16,000. We are fully aware of the enormity of this amount and of the fact that very few people are ready to give it to a sick child if the child is not their own. But, if mercy and grace are still alive in your heart, please help them with whatever you can. If you have an opportunity, any information about this family published in the Internet would help, too (please see the webpage at:
It can also be any money, or medicine, or food, or old toys, or second-hand clothes (they will make it over for Maria). They would greatly appreciate any assistance. We hope you will extend your sympathy to this family and their daughter. Their address is:

Leonid Komeliagin,
y. 20 n/c - 51A, k - 24
Omsk-53, 644053
Telephone: +7 (3812) 673-907


Donations accounts:

TO: Your Bank
ACC: Account your Bank
For:SBERBANK Zapadno-Sibirsky head office, Omsk, Branch 8634/0195
Account wich institution: SWIFT: SABRRUMMTN1
Account number: 42307 840 6 4500 0334041
In favor of: Leonid Ivanovich Komeliagin
Passport:: 5205 313300
Payment Designation: Donations for Medical Treatment


Stepan Shpeht?Evgeniy Filippov, Student Team member

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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